1. Shortage of classrooms

2. Development of resources, equipment and furniture through access and proper

    management of funds.

3. Need of parental support

4. Need assistance in development of project to address poverty and illiteracy.

5. Need intervention for learners with special needs in education.


Areas if Concern/Problems


- Lack of resources, furniture, classrooms and funds.

- Need of school building and school playground. 

- Poverty and illiteracy. 

- Lack of communication from community concerning HIV/AIDS. 

- Not having equipment for inclusive education e.g syllabus and material. 

- No clear visibility if subject advisors and district office members. 

- No clear monitoring of all departmental programmes. 

- Our school is not yet developed to include learners with special needs and those

  that need therapy e.g speech therapy. 

- Long distances travelled by learners to and from school without transport.