My Family History

Submitted by: Vanessa Graham


Mother – Casmira Gunkel 

Grandmother – Esther Gunkel 

Grandfather – Ocean Gunkel 


Father – George Graham/King 

Grandmother – Winnie Sharpley 

Grandfather – Benjamin King 


My mom and dad met in Durban where they were both working. My mom is originally from Lusikisiki and my dad from Mngazi/Libode. 


They got married and worked in Maclear where they were managing a wholesale together. In 1988 they moved to the other side of Ugie where they started their own business, by then, I being the second last born, was about 3 years old. Two years later, they then decided to buy a house in Ugie and in that same year my dad passed away. My mom closed the shop and moved to Ugie to be with us as, we were living with my grandmother at the time and some of my siblings were at boarding school. We still reside in Ugie until this day, and the rest of the Grahams live in Maclear.


Although the Graham surname is partly made up because my grandmother was never married to Mr. King she chose a surname for her sons as she did not want to put them under her own (Sharpley), she had four sons by the names of George, Jerome, Joseph and Bengamin.

Whom are all late except Bengamin, the last born.


My mom and dad had 6 children and we are:

Fiona Graham 

Sharon Graham 

Mathew Graham 

Wayne Graham 

Vanessa Graham (myself) 

Jason Graham 


Jerome and Francis Graham had seven children:

Sylvester Graham 

Sinclaire Graham 

Anthea Graham 

Cindy Graham 

Joyce Graham 

Seth Graham 

Andrew Graham 


Joseph and Jennifer Graham had four children:

Elrico Graham 

Selezea Graham 

Lorenzo Graham 

Shadae Graham 


Benjamin never had any kids 


Vanessa Graham 2009