The Buys family

                                                      Submitted by Frans J Smit

Grandmother: June Buys [Maiden name Rusch]
Grandfather: Ben Buys

My grandmother and grandfather both were from Cala, where they started dating and later got married.  He was in the police force and was transferred to the Ugie station.  He remained a police officer until his passing and was laid to rest at the Ugie Cemetery.  


My grandmother worked in admin at the BP garage [Myburgh and Schultz].  They owned the house opposite the Ugie library until she passed away in 2001.  She was also laid to rest at the Ugie Cemetery where she share a Tombstone along with her husband and son.

Their children were:

Marina [Now Smit]
Benita [Now Steenkamp]

Marina currently resides in Ladysmith - KZN 


Benjamin was the youngest son.  He joined the military and passed away during the Border War at a young age.  He had no Children.

Benita married Sarel and thus became Steenkamp.  They owned a farm in Barkley East, but later moved back to Ugie where she assisted at the school and he assisted at the local Quarry with some blasting works.  They currently reside in Port Elizabeth.

They have 2 Children.  Junita and SJ.  Junita married Willie van Zyl [Also from Ugie] and currently reside in Oudtshoorn. 


Marina married Frans J Smit. Please click here to see the Smit family 


                                                                                     Frans J Smit 2009