Dinosaur Footprints... and YOU thought dinosaurs never existed! Come and see for yourself all the different footprints of the various dinosaurs, that thread the mountains of Ugie.  

Fishing in Ugie offers some of the country's best conditions for fly-fishing with dreamy streams that meander into the distance. And for the coarse fisherman we offer safe and secure dam fishing


Rock Formation Gatberg displays a breath-taking hole in a mountain wall, and this stunning sight will leave you speechless.  


Cave Trails in the Prentjiesberg & Woodcliff offers 1-4 day hiking trails of the southern Drakensberg. Not to be missed if you are a true nature lover. 


San Rock Artwork is on display along the walls of many caves in the district. Take a tour and be prepared to be blown away by the artwork.  


Skiing Tiffendell Ski resort is worth the outing with your family and friends, the southern slopes of the Drankenberg is the best place to be during the winter season. 


Ugie Methodist Church displays a stunning and unique example of northern Eastern Cape architecture.  


Ugie Tractor Museum offers old agricultural equipment that date back years, which many people have never seen in their life time. 



Above I’ve only mentioned a few of the interesting activities in and around Ugie. There is no reason why Ugie shouldn’t be on your list of “places I want to see”. After your trip to Ugie, you are guaranteed to want to come back because the memories of this “dorpie” will intrigued. 


Our weather pattern follows hot summers and heavy thunderstorms, and if you are visiting in winter, be prepared for very cold evenings and days with frost and snow on the surrounding mountains. From May to August mother nature blows all the winter blues away with strong winds. Please ensure adequate warm clothing.