Maclear Animal Centre




The Maclear Animal Centre (MAC) is an animal welfare organisation based in Maclear but we plan to do outreach, sterilisation campaigns etc in Ugie.  Our kennels will eventually be based in Maclear (but over the years and with the help of volunteers we could one day expand to Ugie).


The present Section 21 NPO members are Yolanda Sing, Helen Lechmere-Oertel, Jacky Lamer, Larraine Schmidt, Jeff Sing, Dr.Mike Magaisa (State Vet Maclear) and Linda Mqokoyi (Community Services ELM).


MAC has a Standard Bank Business Account and welcomes donations to raise funds for the equipment, medicines and products we need to do the animal health and welfare work in Ugie and Maclear. As a Section 21 NPO, MAC will have an accountant managing the finances and will be fully audited on an annual basis by an independent financial auditing company.



Maclear Animal Centre (MAC)

Reg.No: 2009/020325/08

Donations welcome: Std Bank, Maclear, Acc.No: 280652232

Contact person - Helen 083 421 6872, 045 932 1862

P.O.Box 432, Maclear, 5480

"with you, we can make a difference, because animals matter"





Our pets and livestock are an important part of our lives and our communities and we'd like to see a big change in the animal welfare standards in and around Ugie and Maclear. HOW? Education, outreach, clinic and shelter kennels, vets on board etc.   Our communities need access to primary animal health care - through actions like the development of a mobile animal clinic, animal welfare outreach and shelter facilities for lost, injured or homeless animals.

We’d all like to see fewer mangy dogs running in the streets of our towns looking for food to feed unwanted puppies. We need to treat the mange (brandsiekte), vaccinate against rabies and other terrible diseases, we need to help people to sterilise their dogs and cats and we need to TAKE ACTION against cruelty and neglect. Improved Animal Welfare Standards - that is the change we'd like to see in Ugie and Maclear!

The Maclear Animal Centre (MAC) is now a registered Non Profit Organisation – No:2009/020325/08. We’ll be on Face Book soon and will get a website one of these months. We plan to run a sterilisation campaign in Ugie in the first quarter of 2010 – we’d love volunteers to help us out for the 2 days. If you want to be involved please call me, Helen on 045 932 1862, or 083 421 6872 – or email

If you’d like to help in another way, you can make a donation to MAC, no matter how small, it will all add up to help us get out there and make a change to the lives of individual animals in Ugie-Maclear. MAC’s bank details for donations: Std Bank, Maclear, Acc.No: 280652232 (please put ‘donation’ as reference) – you can fax your details to 045 932 1862 or email us - so that we can thank-you personally.

THANK-YOU in advance!